BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
emacs-servicemachines: add emacs serviceKenny Ballou4 months
firewallswip: nftable configurationKenny Ballou4 months
mastercpp: install clang and cscopeKenny Ballou4 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
4 dayscpp: install clang and cscopeHEADmasterKenny Ballou
4 dayspackages: install base language overlayKenny Ballou
5 daysemacs: packages: add polymodeKenny Ballou
5 daysemacs: packages: add helm packagesKenny Ballou
5 daysemacs: packages: remove fill-column-indicatorKenny Ballou
6 daysoverlays: create tex overlayKenny Ballou
7 daysemacs: add pinentry packageKenny Ballou
2019-08-31emacs: add page-break-lines packageKenny Ballou
2019-08-28overlays: go: specifically install 1.12Kenny Ballou
2019-08-28packages: add computers and science dictionariesKenny Ballou