BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
emacs-config-splitwip: emacs: set jdee-server-dirKenny Ballou12 months
masteremacs: org: breakup configuration with line-feedsKenny Ballou4 min.
org-id-genemacs: org: add header id generationKenny Ballou3 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
4 min.emacs: org: breakup configuration with line-feedsHEADmasterKenny Ballou
12 hoursemacs: helm: use split insideKenny Ballou
4 daysemacs: org: remove clock from regular notesKenny Ballou
4 daysemacs: defer font locking while input pendingKenny Ballou
4 daysemacs: themes: fix custom theme defaultKenny Ballou
5 daysemacs: server: add custom SIGUSR1 handlerKenny Ballou
5 daysemacs: themes: fix typo in function callKenny Ballou
5 daysemacs: org: add latex specific configurationsKenny Ballou
5 daysemacs: helm: increase max helm sizeKenny Ballou
5 daysemacs: tramp: turn down the messagesKenny Ballou