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masterblog: use the ARN for lambda function versionKenny Ballou5 days
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5 daysblog: use the ARN for lambda function versionHEADmasterKenny Ballou
5 daysblog: update lambda runtimeKenny Ballou
2018-10-19set default cache TTL to 1 hourKenny Ballou
2018-08-21Update and reformat whitelistKenny Ballou
2018-08-19Add cloudformation templates and toolingKenny Ballou
2018-08-19Remove old configuration and setupKenny Ballou
2017-02-10Update ssl ciphers and add dhparamskballou
2017-02-10Update nginx config and sites directorykballou
2017-02-10Migrate blog content to new repositorykballou
2017-02-06Fix minor spelling errorkballou