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An Elixir wrapper for the Zendesk API.

ExDoc Documentation


  1. Add zendex to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

    elixir def deps do [{:zendex, "~> 0.8.1"}] end

  2. Ensure zendex is started before your application:

    elixir def application do [applications: [:zendex]] end


  1. Setup a Zendex.Connection map, that will store your Zendesk details. It requires the URL of your Zendesk instance, your username and your password.

    elixir iex> conn = Zendex.Connection.setup("http://test.zendesk.com", "User1", "pass") %{authentication: "VXNlcjE6cGFzcw==", base_url: "http://test.zendesk.com"}

  2. Make use of the other modules to do various actions on your Zendesk. Example of showing a user:

    elixir iex> Zendex.User.show(conn, 1) %{"user": %{"id": 87, "name": "Quim Stroud", ...}}

  3. Using pipes:

    elixir "http://test.zendesk.com" |> Zendex.Connection.setup("Username1", "password123") |> Zendex.User.show(101)

Completeness and Contributions

This package far from complete in terms of utilising all of the Zendesk API, any contributions will be welcome. Please keep the code consistent with what I have already written here.