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* Adding coveralls and allowing travis CI to test coverage.Steven Blowers2016-09-12
* Specific files added to package.Steven Blowers2016-09-12
* More tests.Steven Blowers2016-09-12
* Adding specs checked by dialyzer.Steven Blowers2016-09-12
* Adding dialyxir to project.Steven Blowers2016-09-12
* Fixing credo strict errors.Steven Blowers2016-09-09
* Removing empty moduleĀ·Steven Blowers2016-09-09
* Adding spec to query function.Steven Blowers2016-09-09
* Moved HttpClient under zendex dir.Steven Blowers2016-09-09
* Adding credo.Steven Blowers2016-09-08
* Upping hex version.Steven Blowers2016-09-08
* Adding test coverage for Searching.Steven Blowers2016-09-08
* Adding complexity to searchSteven Blowers2016-09-07
* Merged branch master into masterSteven Blowers2016-09-07
| * Update README.mdSteven Blowers2016-09-07
| * Update README.mdSteven Blowers2016-09-07
* | Searching WIPSteven Blowers2016-09-07
* Adding travis settings.Steven Blowers2016-09-07
* Adding empty dev config.Steven Blowers2016-09-07
* Upping hex #Steven Blowers2016-09-07
* Adding tests and creating a ticket.Steven Blowers2016-09-07
* Adding to gitignore for Vim and LinuxSteven Blowers2016-09-07
* Moving authentication logic to connection module.Steven Blowers2016-09-06
* upping hex version #Steven Blowers2016-09-06
* Basic implementation of listing ticketsSteven Blowers2016-09-06
* adding ex_doc as dependencySteven Blowers2016-09-06
* package details + licenseSteven Blowers2016-09-06
* List moduleSteven Blowers2016-09-06
* Mix newSteven Blowers2016-09-06