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add_streamingrefactoring to use new Zendex HTTPoison Clientkballou6 years
masterwrong hex # ! :(Steven Blowers6 years
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2016-11-22wrong hex # ! :(HEADmasterSteven Blowers
2016-11-22publishing new version to hex with meck and MIT licenseSteven Blowers
2016-11-22Merge pull request #2 from shdblowers/meckSteven Blowers
2016-11-22minor improvements to testSteven Blowers
2016-11-22finishing off using meck. had to delete doctests, as they don't work with meckSteven Blowers
2016-11-22using pattern matching with contextSteven Blowers
2016-11-22removing unused in memory functionsSteven Blowers
2016-11-22search test now using meckSteven Blowers
2016-11-22Merge branch 'master' into meckSteven Blowers
2016-11-22adding missing assertionSteven Blowers